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New Year Letter Without Fireworks

Dearest you,

First of all, many thanks for being my support all these years…

I don't know who I am to you, an honest blogger who expresses his view about the world, or a clown who provide free entertainment for his own fun. So far I’ve only tried to bring forth stories that I believed was worth your time and I'll continue this endeavour. I want you to bear some more of my musings in the form of blog/social media posts but with absolute freedom of your choice.

I'm no comedian, but keeping the humour alive is one of the prime objectives of my writings. I can’t sacrifice humour to sound serious and intellectual. But unlike professional comedians, I won't guarantee if I’ll always make you laugh. Sometimes my jokes are really bad. I have no political affiliation, but sometimes I do take sides, not extreme though. The 2019 political battle will be exciting, especially after BJP’s recent defeat in the four major state assembly election.

I’ve been quite inconsistent in the las…

Are You Taking Part In The Smart Home Revolution?

Improvement is the constant endeavour humanity has been undertaking for eternity. The basic virtue of humans is to improve their well-being with the help of technology; from developing simple tools for hunting and gathering to directing Google Assistant or Siri order nice and warm food from our favourite restaurant, we’re on a relentless quest for easing out our life. That's why we are witnessing an undergoing transition from conventional technology into smart technology.

What Is Smart?

The popular definition of ‘smart’ is anything that is able to connect to other devices, or to the internet, and can be controlled remotely. But, with the latest technology coming every day, this definition might become obsolete sooner or later, what is going to be consistent is the reason why smart devices are being invented. And why you should be using it. A smart device, according to me, can be defined as something that saves your time for more productive or “humanly” activities.

A machine is sup…

Don't Just Set Fitness Goals, Achieve It With Smartness

The dream to be fit and have in possession of tip-top body shape is a dream of people across the globe. Some people will admit it, some won’t. Sometimes, to make this dream come true, we take action (as a reaction of some subversive motivational videos or text) and get ourselves enrolled in a gym or yoga class, eat healthy (and tasteless) food, forcefully digest bitter juice of bitter gourd, and whatnot. But it barely lasts for long-term. Within months, we tend to drop out. The “we” here is most of you and me.

So, why does this happen to most people? Why do we fail to achieve our grand fitness dream? At the end of the day, even after a high dose of motivation, why do we choose to ignore the fitness goal we set in just some days ago? Probably because of the urge for laziness or the cravings for fatty and sugary food items. Or, because it is boring and feels like pain with no gain.

But the fitness dream ain't big, rather it is just the default mode we are supposed to be in. What ma…