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Modi’s Arrogance On The looming Job Crisis In India

An American theologian and author James Freeman Clarke once tried to differentiate between a politician and a statesman. In his article “Wanted, a statesman”, he writes “A politician thinks of the next election, while the statesman thinks of the next generation.” By this definition, Prime Minister Modi is not more than a politician. Though by other definition, he is not even a politician but merely an RSS pracharak.

A politician thinks of the next election, while the statesman thinks of the next generation.

The National Sample Survey Office(NSSO) latest survey on unemployment figures for 2017-18 rings a buzzing alarm to the situation of joblessness. The unemployment rate stands four decades high i.e., of 6.1 per cent during 2017-18. But instead of working to fix this problem, the government tried to cover up the data. NITI Aayog, which has a close affinity with the PMO, claimed that the report “was not finalized but at a draft stage” and also said that the past surveys cannot be compa…

Does India As A State Obliged Towards Her Citizens For Providing Them Employment?

As the Modi-led BJP government has failed to rescue India from Job crisis in its five-year term, the question is whether the government has done enough to maintain the equilibrium in the job market of the country? And whether or not the government should be held liable for creating this crisis in the first place?

Article 41 {Right to work, to education and to public assistance in certain cases} under DPSP says: “The State shall, within the limits of its economic capacity and development, make effective provision for securing the right to work, to education and to public assistance in cases of unemployment, old age, sickness and disablement, and in other cases of undeserved want.” The DPSP cannot be enforced by any court, but the principles laid down in this part are nevertheless fundamental in the governance of the country, and it should be the duty of the State to apply these principles in making laws.

We also need to look back to Modi government's policy to see what was done to …

Why Unemployment Should Be The Blazing Problem For 2019 Election

In 2014, BJP in their campaign claimed that: there is no Modi-wave but it is the Tsunami of Narendra Modi (TsuNaMo). It now appears that the TsuNaMo was actually Tsunami of joblessness and has silently brought a massive disaster in India. The major victims are the young people who after finishing their education were hoping for a great career ahead. It is the TsuNaMo that has crushed their hope. Now that chowkidar Modi is going for his re-election, it's time to make him accountable.

If the 2014 election was fought on the issue of corruption, 2019 could have been fought on the issue of unemployment. But it doesn't seem to be progressing that way.
As the election approaches, Indian weather is becoming hot with topics associated with nationalism such as Kashmir. The separatists and the deshdrohis speaking about azadi and removal of the army from disturbed areas of Kashmir only help BJP in making their arguments about nationalism bolder. India needs a permanent policy for Kashmir …