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Modi’s Arrogance On The looming Job Crisis In India

An American theologian and author James Freeman Clarke once tried to differentiate between a politician and a statesman. In his article “Wanted, a statesman”, he writes “A politician thinks of the next election, while the statesman thinks of the next generation.” By this definition, Prime Minister Modi is not more than a politician. Though by other definition, he is not even a politician but merely an RSS pracharak.

A politician thinks of the next election, while the statesman thinks of the next generation.

The National Sample Survey Office(NSSO) latest survey on unemployment figures for 2017-18 rings a buzzing alarm to the situation of joblessness. The unemployment rate stands four decades high i.e., of 6.1 per cent during 2017-18. But instead of working to fix this problem, the government tried to cover up the data. NITI Aayog, which has a close affinity with the PMO, claimed that the report “was not finalized but at a draft stage” and also said that the past surveys cannot be compared with the latest one. Then the National Statistical Commission (NSC) chairman and some members resigned from their post in protest, casting serious allegation on the government that it is trying to delay the release of NSSO report. With the intervention of PMO in every other office, the autonomy and credibility of India's institutions have been severely compromised. Only institutions that derive its power through constitution like EC, SC, UPSC, CAG, etc, find themselves little safe.

India is the second most unequal country in the world in terms of per capita income (after Russia), and experts fear that the current unemployment trend is going to worsen it. The outcome of the ongoing job crisis is not difficult to imagine. It will result in further deterioration in the quality of life. Indian economy has overtaken UK’s but the quality of life in London is much much better than it is in Delhi. Crime and intolerance, which are consequences of unequal wealth distribution inequality, will rise.

India must not become North-Korea or Pakistan where people get breakfast of nationalism and dinner of jingoism. Point is— nationalism must not overshadow individual basic rights. BJP under Modi(ji) has shown their talent to take unconventional path, which is sometimes necessary to bring a change but the path is less taken because it is fretted with risks. For stability, adventurism is avoided or should be dealt with maturely taking inconveniences of citizens as well. But arrogance can be a big problem. When they refuse to admit their mistakes and do what is best for everyone. For instance, demonetisation was an utter failure. It not just cost the nation economically, but also the lives of many underprivileged civilians with no relation with black money. Some theory suggests it is a scam of BJP, but Modi(ji)'s world-class marketing proved it as an action against black money.

Demonetization and GST slowed down the economy like speed-breaker or emergency chain-pulling. While GST was a necessity, demonetisation was an absolute waste. However, Indian economy recovered after a while and maintained its consistent growth. The gospel truth is that Indian economy is going through a phase of jobless growth where fruits of the development are reaped by only a few, thereby increasing inequality. And as inequality rises, the number of garibs will become higher than the number of riches. It's not difficult to assume which group proves to be an easy vote bank for politicians.

In their sankalp patra (Manifesto), BJP promised things such as Ram Mandir, Art 370 and talks nothing about job creation and tackling joblessness. Yes, enhancing development works and focus on entrepreneurship was mentioned. In 2014, the nation has not given him mandate inspired by his Hindu nationalist idea. Neither do people pressed the lotus symbol merely to hit Pakistan in their home. They did because of the promises he made to bring acche din to the underprivileged section of people. No doubt that hitting jihadists based in Pakistan is a matter of India’s national security and should have been kept above from domestic politics. This policy needs to be continued until Pakistan completely abolish the idea of using jihadi terrorism against India, no matter what government sits at the centre. It is necessary to maintain the sanity of this nation but Modi has a false notion if he believes that only that can win him the election. In his fiery optimistic speech, people saw a better India at a time when hopes were down.

The 2014 mandate was meant to bring change India's youth trusted Modi(ji) for providing them a new India undivided by caste and religion; corruption-free, violence-free India Mahatma Mohanlal dreamt of. But, just to win elections, he decided to take the easy way of invoking caste and religion. He diluted the premier institutions not just cosmetically by changing names but also by manipulating it using powers of the PMO. Under the garb of a reformer, he resulted in being a powerful and deceptive RSS pracharak with a mask of development who give false hope to the people and whose optimism turned out to be arrogance. Modi(ji) is the one who instilled hope to young Indians who not only voted him to power but also campaigned for him officially by signing up with BJP and unofficially through word of mouth. But he seems to have betrayed their trust. A politician often does that. The enthusiasm faded among the young voters who now see every politician in a similar way.

India has the largest number of youths in the world. Modi(ji) himself on several occasions has proudly spoken about India being a young nation compared with the rest of the world and how China is getting older which mostly as a result of its infamous one-child policy. He was optimistic about the demography of India. The youths, especially the skilled ones, who were seen as a boon can turn into a curse if they remain unutilized for a productive thing.

There are also reports that unemployed people have even tried finding jobs because the process is becoming wasteful and expensive. It has become a trend where popular exams are scammed resulting in its transition into a disputed state the fate of which ultimately stay pending in the hon'ble Court.

Unemployed youths will also be going to the polling booths to avail their "right to vote". The question is: can Modi(ji) get away by deliberately remaining numb to the most pressing needs of young India?


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